As far as Pristine Jet Charter is concerned, safety is non-negotiable. Our clients put their trust in us because they know we strictly adhere to safety regulations and that we don’t cut corners, come what may. No one can put a price tag on a human life, therefore, there is no value gained from compromising safety no matter the justification for doing so. Therefore, our concern for safety rises above any and all other considerations. We at Pristine Jet Charter always strive to ensure your aircraft, whether chartered or owned, adequately meets all safety requirements.

When it comes to air charter, many end users don’t give a second thought about these safety issues. Some, unfortunately, focus only on how new an aircraft is. A new aircraft without a properly qualified and experienced crew, impeccable maintenance records, and adequate insurance is as much a safety risk as any older aircraft.

We at Pristine Jet Charter ensure that your aircraft is properly licensed to perform your flight. Any aircraft that engages in charters, i.e. paid carriage, must be properly licensed with an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the country of registry. It is important to note that forms of payment can include methods other than monetary compensation, such as offers of free advertising, exchange of goods, etc.

The majority of private aircraft available for air charter are operated, as legally required, in accordance with proper Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC), however, some unscrupulous air charter Brokers and private jet Operators do unwisely offer aircraft that aren’t properly certified. Compliance with internationally accepted safety standards through having an AOC doesn’t come cheap, but any short-term cost saving to the passengers can so easily be outweighed should an incident or accident happen.

We know too well that the word “safety” is being used casually by many in the charter industry. But we will prove to you time after time that we do take your personal safety and that of your asset very seriously for not only rhetorically but practically we have enshrined safety into every aspect of our service and made it our number one priority.

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