At Pristine Jet Charter we understand that choosing a private jet comes with very high expectations. This is your absolute right as a discerning and deserving VIP.

Luxury is embodied in everything we do and supply. The choice of the right private jet for you comes at the top of the list. This means having a modern and appealing exterior and the most suitable interior for your needs with state-of-the-art cabin amenities such as finely upholstered leather seats with swivel and recline capability for your convenience and comfort, in-flight catering from the best providers including your own choice of restaurant or hotel presented in signature dining ware and cutlery, Wi-Fi, main and individual screens for your entertainment, all provided with the greatest attention to detail.

Luxury also extends to the private jet terminals that we use, including well equipped and professionally staffed VIP Lounges, as well as the limousines used for transfer between aircraft and terminal.

Fly Pristine: Private Jet Charter. Anytime. Anywhere.