Air Ambulance – Private Jet Charter

Air Ambulance service, also known as Medical Evacuation, is a vital part of private flying. The need for an air ambulance arises when a patient is required to seek immediate further medical attention at a hospital in a different city in the same country or abroad.

Pristine Private Jet Charter can provide worldwide air ambulance and medevac solutions. Our mission is to safely transport our patients in a timely and professional manner. In many cases medeavac’s are time critically and at Private Jet Charter we endeavor to transport the patient to their destination as efficiently as possible. We have a range of dedicated medically equipped aircraft we can source at short notice. These specially equipped jets are used exclusively for air ambulance flights and are fitted out as intensive care units with a dedicated medical crew.

In spite of complicated formalities, and excessive lead times needed, commercial airlines sometimes try to make special arrangements for patients and persons in need of certain medical assistance to travel while in transit from one hospital to another. Usually, a make-shift enclosure is used to create a private area where the patient along with his doctor may be accommodated. But more often than not, airlines are inclined to decline medical evacuation because of its complexity and also because they are too sensitive to the reactions of the rest of the passengers on board. This makes the option of using a dedicated air ambulance a crucial necessity.

Pristine Private Jet Charter provides Air Ambulance aircraft for emergency and non-emergency medical flights.

Non-emergency medical flights cater for those persons with severe physical and mobility impairments who are too ill to fly on a commercial airline as they may require more space than can be offered on a commercial airline, or simply need more privacy, or require a flat surface to lie on. When persons with such conditions travel by air ambulance, they not only get the comfort and privacy of flying in their own private aircraft, but also the assurance of dedicated, well equipped, and well-staffed medical aircraft.

On the other hand, emergency medical flights for patients with severe conditions that require close medical attention can only go on a medical evacuation aircraft with ICU standard equipment and a medical team, usually a doctor and a nurse. The medical team doesn’t operate on its own but under direct and constant supervision of a medical director and his team who monitor the situation remotely and coordinate closely with flight operations to be ready for any eventuality.

Pristine Private Jet Charter has many successful medical evacuation flights under its belt. We operated air ambulance flights for patients with strokes, heart attacks, chronic renal disorders, respiratory failures, and more. Depending on family preferences and the situation on the ground, we can either provide airport-to-airport or bed-to-bed service. Whichever the case, our account managers coordinate every detail of the transfer, even in extremely short notice situations.

Our efficiency in conducting safe and smooth air ambulance flights has a lot to do with the right choice of our medical service providers who have the right aircraft, equipment, personnel and most of all dedication and ability to serve in extremely stressful conditions in a professional and humane way.