Pets Love Private Jets

Exactly as humans, pets need security, safety, and comfort. Any unbecoming circumstances during air travel, may be very stressful, and even life threatening, especially for delicate pets.

As some business jet owners do not allow pets on board, Pristine Jet Charter will always endeavour to find the right private jet that will allow your pet to come along. This is because we understand that pets are part of the family, and it is really important that their comfort, safety, and general well-being is taken into account when planning air travel.

Whether a dog, cat, bird, or any other pet, our track-record in private aviation affords us the ability to make the most suitable arrangements for your pet travel. When it comes to pet travel on private jets, there is a need to understand all about Passport and Vaccination requirements, Seasonal Embargoes, Quarantine Restrictions, etc. Pristine Jet Charter can take care of all these and related details and offer you peace of mind.


Helicopters are an essential part of private jet charter. They can be used in their own right for short hops between cities, within extremely congested cities, airport transfers, or in areas not accessible by fixed-wing aircraft, such as ski resorts where runway length and adverse weather conditions necessitate the use of a rotary-wing aircraft. Helicopters are also used for scenic flights over tourist attractions.

Pristine Jet Charter has timely access to a wide array of well-appointed VIP helicopters, ranging from the single-engine 4 seat Eurocopter EC130 and Bell 407 to the larger Sikorsky S-76C and Agusta Westland AW109.

Whatever your requirement, our team will find you the most suitable helicopter for your specific mission.


Because of their flexibility and speed, private jets are also used to transport special parcels. Whether it is gold or diamonds, or a factory urgently needs a spare part, or an aircraft is AOG on a location where airlines don’t fly frequently, or if you have an important document that needs immediate delivery to a VIP or for a very important purpose, a private jet will be the most secure and convenient tool to use.

In addition to the above, Pristine Jet Charter can also provide dedicated private cargo flights for shipments that may otherwise not be approved on commercial aircraft. Our service extends to arranging special cargo flights for urgent humanitarian aid, perishable items, dangerous goods, and much more.

Empty Legs

Empty legs are generated when the aircraft is positioning on a ferry sector to pick up passengers, or when an aircraft has to be flown empty back to its home base after it had operated its outbound sector on a full charter. Empty legs are sold at a much-reduced rate. We at Pristine Jet Charter are experts on sourcing matching empty legs in order to benefit our clients.