Group Charter

Group Charters are an integral part of our private jet charter business. They are usually performed by aircraft in the commercial airliner category. These may be in basic airline configuration with first, business, and economy class seats, or on specially modified aircraft with all business class seats or a combination of first and business class seats, thus providing very comfortable seat size and seat pitch, as opposed to the crowded airline configuration. Just to give that more perspective, an Airbus A319 in airline configuration can accommodate up to 160 passengers, while in its special corporate design version it accommodates 49 to 59 passengers, while in top VIP configuration it can accommodate as few as 19 passengers.

Group Charter clients avail the same facilities and benefits that private jet charter clients enjoy.

Pristine Jet Charter provides group charter arrangements for numerous purposes. Along the years, we have performed flights for the following purposes or clients:

  • Government delegations.
  • Sports teams.
  • Sports fans.
  • Musical groups.
  • Corporate incentive programs.
  • Product launch programs.
  • Wedding parties.
  • Religious tourism (Hajj & Umrah).

Pristine Jet Charter recommends and uses aircraft from the Airbus A320 series and Boeing 737 series. The two mainstay companies in the airliner industry. We can also provide aircraft from other dependable manufacturers as Canadian Bombardier and Brazilian Embraer.